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Welcome to my Art and Costume web site. This really my first web page so please bear with me ^_^. I sell original, custom, or Fan art. I also make Costume accessories.  
About Myself
Name Eva
Age: 23
A.K.A: Shadowsaber
Favorite food: Hamburgers
Foods I Like Least: green peas (yuk!)
Hobbies/ Activities: Drawing, creating things, watching Anime
RPG, and Video Games.
Job: Teaching art Classes and freelancing
Favorite Artists: Yoshitaka Amano
Favorite Music: speed metal and Queensryche
Favorite Color: deep sea blue.
My name is Eva but I called by my other name Shadowsaber and my Were name Daytrapper. I live in Atlanta GA, I'm a big anime and video game Gal and Love all types of Fantasy shows and Books. Often I like to Roll Play with my friends at the local comic shops. I Love Dragons and Weres of all types. I also read Japanese Folklore whenever I can. My ideal the artist is Yoshitaka Amano form the Final Fantasy series, though I also like Jim Henson.  

I seem to be one of the few Black females that like fantasy Art. I can't really say when I stared to draw fantasy… it all stated at a very young age. I had a huge imagination and allways wanted to capture it somehow. Even now I pull visions out of my mind even to this day. Most find it weird to see a young black Girl Drawing a Cat eared lady riding on a red dragons back. ^_^

To be contiuned...


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