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I have to say I just stared to explore the realm of costuming. I never done Costuming or even knew how to sew. This Started when I went to Dragon Con, mixed with a little on werewolf RPGing. I came a long way from the sad little Wanna-be Costume of yester year to the costume of Today.

I really wanted a costume so badly for Dragon Con I went to Goodwill to buy old late 70's and 80's Dresses and Clothes that you wouldn't be caught dead in even if it were a costume party! I took scissors to the Garments and tried to make something out of nothing. Later I made a Succubus costume. It was so bad I wore it once then trashe it. Learning from my mistakes I improved the Costume. From the tacky Succubus costume and wings to a good ninja; then a Sorcerer; a nice Elf then another Spell caster. But then I grew tired of these types of costumes because everyone were wearing them at the con. The next year I was out at 0ut-world (a convention that died in it's first year sad to say.) this when I saw to a great Wendigo clan Werewolf costume. Needless to say I really loved that costume.

After that I went from costume shop to costume shop but no one hade anything close to what I saw at out-world that night. I did not have the money or the supplies at the time to make something that good. I want to make full were-suit but How?

One day I walked in to a local costume shop and found a full size plastic fox mask. It cost about six dollars. So I used my lunch money and bought the mask. It looked really cool for a six-dollar mask but it still look kind of plain. I began to experiment on it. Ripping out the lower jaw and making it moveable. I also added paper to make it look bigger added teeth. Finally, I pasted on faux fur to it. Now I was getting some where with this!

I still did not have enough money or knowledge for a full suit, But the mask looked Awesome to me. I thought "now I have a great stat for dragon*con." I wore the ninja outfit and sword I had bought the year before. Every one I met loved the costume but I sill had problem with it… Most thought it was just a Werewolf or they would ask what I was. That's that! I am doing a Werewolf next year!

Enter Daytrapper my other self, she a Where I made of my own. After a year of find the correct fake fur and make the mask and suit by hand. I ultimately made the Were Costume I wanted. I even made the mask talk as I talk. The eye could glow a bright yellow just like a real wolf's.


During the year I meet up with some new friends, meet Fast Claw, who was a good friend. Fast Claw and his mate Moonlight are my pack buddies. They are both highe level costumers. We shared a lot of cool ideas.

To be contiuned...




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