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This is the store. Auctions and Sales coming soon.

Original Fine Art For Auction/Sale

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Work Picture
Coming Soon

"Distant Afternoon"2001. Oil


Coming Soon

"Thunder Totem," 2000. Colored Pencil


Coming Soon

"Garudian Ryu," 2000. Oil. Framed and matted.

Stay tuned for auction in October.

Coming Soon

"Ki Lin Miaiden," 2000. Colored Pencil

Stay tuned for auction.


Coming Soon

"Jungle God" 2000 Mixed Media

Auction soon.

Coming Soon

"Small-Winged Blessing" 2000. Mixed Media.

Auction soon.

Coming Soon

"Waterfall" 2000. This work won Best Mixed Media at Dragon Con 2000

Stayed tuned for auction.



Fan Art for Auction/Sale
Link to Acution Work Picture
  Stay Tuned. Starting in October.  


Prints for Auction/Sale
Link to Acution/Sale Work Picture
  Stay Tuned.  

Thank You!

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